Monday, November 12, 2007


That horrified look on my face? Because my hair needed so much help!
Oh yes, Ladies and Gents...I am SASSY!

Evie tested. Evie approved!

Mr. B. has been a "long-hair lover" for as long as I've known him. But by the smile on his face when I waltzed into the room, I think I have a shot at converting him! ;)


Jamie Willow said...

so pretty!

jamie tested and jamie approved now too ;-)

LUV!!!!!! and so much fun to play with a new hair are going to have a blast!!!!!

The Arnold Family said...

You look great!

Beth said...

We're all in agreement - super cute!

Sandy said...

Beautiful Mrs. B!
You've got my approval too :)

Rachel said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I like your long locks....this is very cute and fresh. you look good and way to go on the "new leaf". mom

Lyndee said...

You are one gorgeous mama! Also a good one!