Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Eleventh Commandment & A Day at the Zoo

Were you aware of this?

I sure hope so, because it could really affect the way you live your life.

When this is the pizza you are to eat, this commandment really isn't a hard one to keep!

Giordano's Chicago Style Pizza.
Is there any other pizza?!

The kids take after me in the pizza eating department. They just can't get enough! (No matter how revolutionized my eating habits become, there is always room for Chicago-style pizza and dark chocolate!) ;)


I found some pictures of a day we spent at the zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was just too magnificent of a November Saturday to stay at home. On a whim, we found ourselves driving downtown to visit my very favorite zoo.

We had a great day, despite the rather...disgusting antics of the chimps. After we hurried from the ape house with the kids eyes covered and petrified looks on our faces, we made it to the bears in time to watch them eat dinner. They weren't too excited about their fishy meal (it's hibernation time and they have no appetite) but it was fun to watch them catch the airborne seafood and bat it around.

How cute is this guy? He doesn't look too hungry...

The most entertaining was the Polar Bear (they don't hibernate, so she was hungry) dive into her pool to retrieve fish. The crowd laughed and "awed" at the sight of her black padded feet poking up through the surface of the water while she obediently ate the fish from the bottom of the pool. Cute!

Another highlight was the baby elephant. Or "Ewatin", as Beck says. She liked to hide from the crowd behind her mommy and aunties.

We saw three cheetah cubs frolicking and attacking one another in play. So beautiful, cuddly and fear inspiring all at the same time.

We stared down a curious hippo. Not Beck or Evie's favorite moment of the day - we left the hippo tank with two creeped out, crying babies.

We spent the most time at the prairie dog display. Weird, I know. But they were interesting (!) and not too scary for the likes of our little ones. Such a fun way to spend a fall day...we didn't even wear coats!

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Lori B said...

Gotta love the Zoo! A favorite place. I'd also suggest going in the dead of winter. Very few people are there and it is SO quiet! ~Lori