Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Wedding

Another busy travel weekend under our belts and what a romantic journey it was! We attended a wedding for one of Mr. B's "soccer boys" from college.

We journeyed to Omaha, NE - a 6 hour drive - on Saturday and enjoyed a beautiful candle-lit wedding ceremony. The groom was perfectly handsome and the bride (whom I had never met) was gorgeous in her beaded gown.

Their get-away vehicle was an old fire engine! So completely adorable and fitting for the groom who is in training to become a fire-fighter.

A shining and happy new Mr. & Mrs. L!

The kids, Mr. B. & Eli in the ceremony.
Everyone behaved themselves but they sure look mischievous don't they?

Evie wore her royal blue jumper with her button down shirt for the occasion. It is made by Ralph Lauren and I love their attention to detail with the bright yellow lining underneath.


The wedding party was adorned in black lace, tea-length dresses. So pretty and simple.

The reception was held in an old, industrial type building in the downtown area of Omaha. It was really neat to see the formal event of a wedding reception held in such an informal space. I loved the brick walls and exposed beams of the ceiling mixed with the twinkle lights and tulle.

Another of my favorite things about the reception was the centerpieces. They had no flowers but instead placed pictures of the bride and groom in frames and positioned glowing candles behind them. The effect was so pretty because the pictures were printed on vellum and the backs of the frames left off so the candlelight could illuminate them. Apparently this is a Martha Stewart trick...I love Martha!

Look how handsome my man looked in his wedding finery!

The groom spent many unsure months pursuing his bride before she would give him the honor of a date. She finally gave in and let him woo her and they were married a few short months after! Romantic!

Eli, the Groom, Mr. B, the Bride
The "soccer boys" laughing it up and the beautiful bride.

The kids got more than a little antsy at the end of the reception. Evie was mostly the culprit. I think Beck would have liked to stay and hit the dance floor to a little Stevie Wonder if he could have. We danced quietly from the reception hall around 8:30 pm and hit the hay in the hotel room as quickly as we could get our heads on the pillows.

I think the best part of the trip was our drive home. Mr. B and I got to talk about some things that we've been needing to discuss. Goals, dreams, hopes, and the dreaded...finances! But we got a lot accomplished.

It feels really right to be on the same page. Sometimes all you need is a nice, long talk.

The cutest boy in the world.


Jamie Willow said...

LUV all the fun pics. I stole the one of beckaroo for my wallpaper on my new computer...he's soooo precious!

I just love your is filled with beautiful things and precious moments...thanks for being you!

Anonymous said...

so cute I miss you all. The wedding looks nice...I am glad you went even though its a lot of work to travel with two babies.
love you,
"Meet me in St. Louis" yeah...God is full of surprises!