Tuesday, October 9, 2007

UPS & Roses

One of the most fun things: Getting a UPS package!

If I had the means, I would order things online regularly...just to see the big brown truck stop in front of my house. Somethin' about it gets me all a twitter and wiggly.

I skipped down the stairs and out the front door to collect my parcel this morning. Squealing, I pulled out my amazon.com order. My very favorite book in all the world (nope, not Gone With the Wind) came!

This is the most heartwarming, homey book. The illustrations are priceless and the traditions described...delicious!

I have it sitting with the bittersweet that I got from the Market on Saturday.

This is the October page.
Talking all about cider making.
I immediately sat Beck down and looked through the pages with him. We pointed out the birds and dogs, cakes and boots. How fun to share one of my childhood favorites with him!

This was always the picture I would turn to. How whimsical!
Birthday cakes floating down the river!

Love in the Time of Cholera also came. It is Oprah's book pick for the fall so you know I just had to have it!

Mr. B. wandered in this morning bearing the pretty cream-colored rose and placing it under my nose. He found it out by our back fence. Growing, stubborn and beautiful, amidst the unkempt foliage.

Isn't it pretty?

A page from Ms. Tudor's lovely book.

Today, I thank God for the simple things. His words so timely spoken. His comfort readily given. His creation available for me. Pleasures.

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