Saturday, October 13, 2007


Mr. B. went to the grocery store today. He came home with a bouquet of flowers...if you can even call them that. They are so ugly. So so terribly ugly.
They are carnations dyed those fakey, neon colors. Really, who wants a bouquet of canary yellow, pumpkin orange and lime green carnations? There are even some dried purple something-or-others thrown in for good measure.
Now I'm not blaming Mr. B. for this horrendous conglomeration (in fact, I did an award-winning job of mooning over the disaster when he got home) he is just a man. A man that goes astray when left to his own devices. No, I cannot blame him.
I am angry at whatever soul it was that created this monstrosity and thought it was worth selling. What were they thinking?!
I will not post a picture. It is too ugly to be on my blog, but apparently not too ugly to be (dis)gracing my kitchen counter.
Oh makes your head hurt when you look at it.


The Arnold Family said...

Aww!I want to see!

Lyndee said...

You shoulda took the picture! It is like the cat who loves to bring you the little wee critters it caught and killed or maimed so you can be proud! Jack bought me a candle once ..unscented with a picture of Jesus on it that was really not one I liked at all.. and I just had to love it anyway as it was one of the 10 things he ever got me by himself! Love yah

nathan.kemper said...

Ok, we are laughing hyserically. I can actaully picture the look of joy on his face when he thought it was a good idea.

-jenny (and nate)