Friday, October 5, 2007


Friday nights are like a giant sigh at the end of a long day. They just feel good.

Our week was fun and full. Thursday, we had Campbell over for Evie's first ever play date. Campbell's mommy, Mrs. V., was in dire need of a day to mop up all the "new house dust" in their brand new home without Little Miss Sunshine around to undo all of mommy's doing.
Campbell was happy to come and spend an afternoon at our house. She's such a sweetie and you can't blame Evie if she was a little envious at all that long hair Campbell's got. And only 5 weeks older than Evie!

Thursday night Beck and I whipped up a batch of sugar cookies. We used a cookie cutter to shape them like pumpkins and then decorated them.

We could barely get the icing on before we...ahem...I mean he had to taste them!

Tonight we built a fire in our chimnea and kept the kids up a bit past bed time to enjoy.

I love that thing! I think it's one of my very favorite purchases!

Tomorrow is the huge farmer's market with fresh produce, pumpkins, cow milking and more!


alli said...

ash...your life is looking awfully pleasant, warm, loving, fun, and full of beautiful things.

these are cute pictures, i love that they are dripping with fall activities!!!

love you.

The Arnold Family said...

Aww all of that looks so fun! I wish we could enjoy our fire's still too hot up here. It was near 90 today. Enjoy your weather cooling (if thats indeed what it's doing) for me!

The Arnold Family said...

Er, down here.