Thursday, October 11, 2007

Romancing the Soul

"She had been forced into prudence in her youth.
She learned romance as she grew older --
the natural sequence of an unnatural beginning."
~Jane Austen

"Plumb the female psyche and you will find an elegy of romantic remorse - for the unobtained, the undone. Regrets for the things we loved once but learned to live without. It could be the novel you abandoned writing, the art fellowship in Paris you never pursued, the black velvet cape that finally found you at an antique stall but you passed up because where would you wear it? (everywhere). The love you couldn't return, the love that frightened you, the love that you were afraid to express. The loving gesture that died in hesitation. The romance of living that we let slip away every day because real life forces us into prudence.

When you acknowledge your romantic impulses, no matter how implausible or impractical (I had a friend who bought an extraordinarily inappropriate white rabbit coat that made her deliriously happy), you strengthen the intimate connection with your Authentic Self. The connection with those who cherish and love you unconditionally. The connection with those things that fuel your passions, feed your soul, keep you alive.

Begin today, exploring small ways in which to honor your sacred yearning for romance."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hydrangeas are my favorite...what's yours?
Buy some. Find a picture of them and put it where you can see.

Think...what romances your own soul?

Maybe it's not an expensive fur or a diamond ring. Maybe it's a long run in the brisk air. Maybe it's a dinner with friends. Maybe it's allowing yourself an afternoon nap.

For me it's collecting beautiful books. It's giving myself time in the afternoon to relax in my room alone. It's going to visit my mom. It's a bubble bath. It's buying myself a pretty, meaningful necklace. It's getting flowers at the grocery store "just because." It's a pedicure. It's blogging. It's dreaming...

Find something small to put a little romance in your life today.


Anonymous said...

what romances my soul?.....two sweet babies asleep up in my spare bedroom....the babies smiling at me when I walk in the room.....talking to my girls on the phone and getting glimpses into thier lives.....and countless other times with my beloved to all!

The Arnold Family said...

Wonderful to read. Thanks for sharing.