Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Lion and The Lamb

The Lion & The Lamb

wish you a Happy Halloween!

We attended our church's annual Fall Festival tonight. A very nice alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating. Games, free food, friends and candy, candy, candy!

We were joined by Mickey & Minnie.

The entertainment.

Beck...ahem, I mean The Lion was great at the games!

This little lamb loves her Snickers. Just like Mama.


Anonymous said...

So, So cute and precious. Kiss the "animals" for me....grammie

The Arnold Family said...

Everyone looked very cute!

Beth said...

LOL - so cute. Great costumes, great make-up (though don't tell Mr. B I called it that in terms of his son's costime!).

Lyndee said...

I love seeing the kids! I cannot believe I see teeth in Evies mouth at last! Did you have some hard nights?
I helped at church with the kids. Petersons are in Springfield for this week doing Masters Program in Leadership. In 15 more months they will have their Masters Degree. (Groan did I say 15? Yikes!)
Anticipating Thanksgiving!
Love to all
Lyndee alias Grammaninners

Sandy said...

Adorable costumes! Did you make them? (I don't sew ... much :))