Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gone with the Wind

Do you remember these two?

They are gone. Only a memory.
About two weeks after they joined our family we all developed rather mysterious stuffy noses and itchy eyes.
Due to cat allergies, Rhett and Scarlett have since found new homes and our home is down two members.
One thing I know for sure: I do not have allergies to puppies.
Another thing I know for sure: Mr. B. would have me banished if I even tried...


The Arnold Family said...

I feel ya. The same thing happens to me. I can't breathe around cats. Oh well.

Lyndee said...

If not the cats making breathing tough then the litter box and late in life their litter box is everywhere...Pox on cats, though sweet to behold miserable to live with! {But herein is the prejudice of a dog lover forever!}

Sandy said...

Hello dear Mrs. B!
Sorry about the kitties. One of our "kitties" (now a cat) got 2 rats last night. 2!! Not a very good night sleep for this tired Mama :)
(Thank you for your sweet note in the mail)