Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fabulous Fall Surprise!

I got much more than I bargained for when my lovely package from fellow blogger, mommy, and domestic goddess, Sandy, arrived at my door a few days ago.
I was all geared up to receive my apron award from her 1 year bloggiversary giveaway and here I open a suspiciously heavy box to find not only my charming, personalized apron (which I will post a picture of later) but many more goodies as well!
Sandy is just the very sweetest lady as she sent me delicious apple/cinnamon potpourri and a perfect bowl to display it in, a delightful matching orange whisk and spatula, (made of silicone, which is a medium I have not yet tried in exciting!) many scented votives, a cute mini-wreath of bittersweet and berries, truffles and other indulgences from Harry & David, festive fall napkins and - my very favorite of all - homemade apple butter that she canned herself!
I opened the apple butter immediately and served it up with fresh biscuits and the chicken and dumplings dinner I was preparing. How perfect! How delicious!

My life-long friend happened to be visiting - the arrival of the package awakened her to the pleasantries of the blogging world very nicely, way to go! - and I quote her when I say, "You could eat this apple butter by the spoonful." And we did. :)

Sandy, I cannot say THANK YOU enough, you little Reluctant Entertainer, you!
(I had such a fun time reading about your gorgeous family in your Christmas letter - and meeting Dr. Dobson...what an honor! :)


Sandy said...

You are welcome, my friend!

I think you made the package look a little better than it was, with your beautiful photos! ha ha.

Enjoy (hopefully we will get to see you in your new apron!)


A Woman Who is: said...

Thanks for sharing your basket contents with all of us. I was very curious as to what all was in that basket. Now I know :>)

Sandy is amazing!

Thanks for stopping bye.

Lyndee said...

OOOh la la! No one sweeter could have won. If it had arrived at my house I would not have had a dinner of chicken and dumplings to add the apple butter would have been impromptu omelet with on me lately!