Monday, October 1, 2007


On the way home last weekend, we found an interesting antique mall combined with a deli, fireworks shop and gas station! The depths of Missouri has some interesting things to offer.

Since our budget does not allow for much spending at the moment, I was allowed to pick only a couple of treasures from the array.

I came home with this...

A very old (no date of publication) hardback edition of Tom Sawyer. It has the most interesting illustrations and the pages are yellowing in a charming way.

I also picked up this...

A postcard that has a note on the back. It only cost one cent to send this card when it was made. There is no date on this either, but it was packed away with other postcards dated before 1910. I love the picture of the Victorian children in the snow.

Ah the joy of unexpected finds!

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Beth said...

I like the card especially. It reminds me of Beck and Evie. :)