Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Lion and The Lamb

The Lion & The Lamb

wish you a Happy Halloween!

We attended our church's annual Fall Festival tonight. A very nice alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating. Games, free food, friends and candy, candy, candy!

We were joined by Mickey & Minnie.

The entertainment.

Beck...ahem, I mean The Lion was great at the games!

This little lamb loves her Snickers. Just like Mama.

Fabulous Fall Surprise!

I got much more than I bargained for when my lovely package from fellow blogger, mommy, and domestic goddess, Sandy, arrived at my door a few days ago.
I was all geared up to receive my apron award from her 1 year bloggiversary giveaway and here I open a suspiciously heavy box to find not only my charming, personalized apron (which I will post a picture of later) but many more goodies as well!
Sandy is just the very sweetest lady as she sent me delicious apple/cinnamon potpourri and a perfect bowl to display it in, a delightful matching orange whisk and spatula, (made of silicone, which is a medium I have not yet tried in exciting!) many scented votives, a cute mini-wreath of bittersweet and berries, truffles and other indulgences from Harry & David, festive fall napkins and - my very favorite of all - homemade apple butter that she canned herself!
I opened the apple butter immediately and served it up with fresh biscuits and the chicken and dumplings dinner I was preparing. How perfect! How delicious!

My life-long friend happened to be visiting - the arrival of the package awakened her to the pleasantries of the blogging world very nicely, way to go! - and I quote her when I say, "You could eat this apple butter by the spoonful." And we did. :)

Sandy, I cannot say THANK YOU enough, you little Reluctant Entertainer, you!
(I had such a fun time reading about your gorgeous family in your Christmas letter - and meeting Dr. Dobson...what an honor! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

And She'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun...

A little bloggy absence is needed when you are having so much fun with a life-long friend.
I have a visitor in town from the East and she will be leaving tomorrow. I will post then with many new pictures and stories to tell!
Until tomorrow...I have memories to make! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh, You've Got To Have Friends...

These are just some of the precious people in my life that can always make me smile...

My mama.

My boy.

My sis.

My Linds.

My big sis.

My man.

My baby.

Gone with the Wind

Do you remember these two?

They are gone. Only a memory.
About two weeks after they joined our family we all developed rather mysterious stuffy noses and itchy eyes.
Due to cat allergies, Rhett and Scarlett have since found new homes and our home is down two members.
One thing I know for sure: I do not have allergies to puppies.
Another thing I know for sure: Mr. B. would have me banished if I even tried...

From the Mouths of Babes.

On the way home from grocery shopping last night...
Beck: Mommy, moon!
Me: Yes, Beck, that is the moon.
Beck: Mommy, big socca ball up, up high!
How did my boy get so smart?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It was a rough day. One of those that I drudged through with the sole ambition of "making it." I was blindly accomplishing my menial tasks just to put the big check mark on my list of to-do's.
I don't think I even stopped to really look at the children, much less smile or cuddle them.
It was finally one hour 'til bed-time and I was preparing to heave my huge sigh of night night relief.
Clean diapers. Check.
Clean jammies. Check. I was ready to usher the munchkins to the couch or our story reading when I was stopped by a little body in the path I was blazing. The look in his eyes was one of quiet desperation as he whispered, "Hold you..."
It was like he snapped and I fell out of my trance.
I bent and gathered him up. He melted into me.
We stood for a precious two minutes (an eternity in a toddler's world). His limp noodle legs dangling down past my knees. Head on my shoulder. Little hands grasping my shirt.
From the outside it looked for all the world like I was holding him. In reality, he was holding me. I didn't feel my need for the love he could give me until I was getting it. The connection was like balm.
When the spell broke - as it always does with little ones - I planted myself on the floor and watched his little sister's baby face light up. She was in my lap in an instant.

I sang the sweet lullaby to a rapt audience and we were all refreshed by the realization of the simplicity and urgency of our need for one another.

May 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Insatiable Reader

I started a book blog once before but did a terrible job of keeping it up.

I'm going to try again.

If you're interested in knowing what I'm up to in "Lit World" you are welcome to peruse to your hearts content.

Gingerbread for Laura.

Laura is in S. Korea. Has been for waaay too long.
I got to talk to her on the phone Sunday night while I made gingerbread men in my quiet little kitchen.
She said she wanted to make them with me. I wish she could have.
But I saved her a couple and here they are:

I love you, La! Come home to visit me soon. Please? My cookies always taste better in person...


Beck's version of eating his corn:

Oh Scrappy Day!

Saturday my dear Mr. B. allowed me the luxury of an afternoon hide away in the basement to scrap to my heart's content.
Here's some of what I got done on Evie's baby scrapbook:

These are some from our big family album:

Caught up to last April. Not too shabby for this busy mama!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ok...Let's All Cry For A Minute.

From Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

Dr. Urbino caught the parrot around the neck with a triumphant sigh: ca y est. But he released him immediately because the ladder slipped from under his feet and for an instant he was suspended in air and then he realized that he had died without Communion, without time to repent of anything or to say goodbye to anyone, at seven minutes after four on Pentecost Sunday.

Fermina Daza was in the kitchen tasting the soup for supper when she heart Digna Pardo's horrified shriek and the shouting of the servants and then of the entire neighborhood. She dropped the tasting spoon and tried her best to run despite the invincible weight of her age, screaming like a madwoman without knowing yet what had happened under the mango leaves, and her heart jumped inside her ribs when she saw her man lying on his back in the mud, dead to this life but still resisting death's final blow for one last minute so that she would have time to come to him. He recognized her despite the uproar, through his tears of unrepeatable sorrow at dying without her, and he looked at her for the last and final time with eyes more luminous, more grief-stricken, more grateful than she had ever seen them in half a century of a shared life, and he managed to say to her with his last breath:

"Only God knows how much I loved you." I'm loving this book.
The movie is releasing sometime later in the year and I cannot wait to go see it (possibly with my Book Club girls?) after we read the book.
It looks like it will be as beautiful as the book:

A still shot from the movie Love in the Time of Cholera.

Speaking of movies, Mr. B. and I got a rare chance to visit the theater last night and we saw Into the Wild. What a fantastic film! Go see it...words can't describe.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh! I Won! I Won!

Oh excited am I?! I've actually won the dainty little apron that I posted about a few days ago!

Go visit Sandy's blog and celebrate her one year blogiversary with her and see the fun confetti cake she made and her announcement about lil' old me as the winner of her apron give away.
Hooray for blogging and new, generous bloggy friends. Thank you, Sandy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Growing Up Fast

Beck and his little friend Bayli.

A Perfect 10

Evie is ten months old today. How did that happen?!
She's standing on her own for about 10 seconds at a time.
She's cruisin' around the living room.
She's got opinions about all matters - and she voices them...regularly.
She's growing out of all her brand new 12 months clothes.
She still loves to nurse.
She bites.
She loves her mama the most.
She is trying reeeeally hard to grow some more hair.
She's got her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger.
She's beautiful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet Little Apron

Enter to win this dainty, flowered apron at 4 Reluctant Entertainers.
And while you're there, read a few of her posts, it will make you want to drop everything and host an impromptu dinner party tonight!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Mr. B. went to the grocery store today. He came home with a bouquet of flowers...if you can even call them that. They are so ugly. So so terribly ugly.
They are carnations dyed those fakey, neon colors. Really, who wants a bouquet of canary yellow, pumpkin orange and lime green carnations? There are even some dried purple something-or-others thrown in for good measure.
Now I'm not blaming Mr. B. for this horrendous conglomeration (in fact, I did an award-winning job of mooning over the disaster when he got home) he is just a man. A man that goes astray when left to his own devices. No, I cannot blame him.
I am angry at whatever soul it was that created this monstrosity and thought it was worth selling. What were they thinking?!
I will not post a picture. It is too ugly to be on my blog, but apparently not too ugly to be (dis)gracing my kitchen counter.
Oh makes your head hurt when you look at it.


My mom told me about this blog today and I am in looooove. That's L-O-V-E!
I think the only thing cuter than these little girls' designs would be my own daughter in these designs! Enjoy.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I like to think this is what I look like in the kitchen. Minus the smoke...
Isn't she cute? TeeHee.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Romancing the Soul

"She had been forced into prudence in her youth.
She learned romance as she grew older --
the natural sequence of an unnatural beginning."
~Jane Austen

"Plumb the female psyche and you will find an elegy of romantic remorse - for the unobtained, the undone. Regrets for the things we loved once but learned to live without. It could be the novel you abandoned writing, the art fellowship in Paris you never pursued, the black velvet cape that finally found you at an antique stall but you passed up because where would you wear it? (everywhere). The love you couldn't return, the love that frightened you, the love that you were afraid to express. The loving gesture that died in hesitation. The romance of living that we let slip away every day because real life forces us into prudence.

When you acknowledge your romantic impulses, no matter how implausible or impractical (I had a friend who bought an extraordinarily inappropriate white rabbit coat that made her deliriously happy), you strengthen the intimate connection with your Authentic Self. The connection with those who cherish and love you unconditionally. The connection with those things that fuel your passions, feed your soul, keep you alive.

Begin today, exploring small ways in which to honor your sacred yearning for romance."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hydrangeas are my favorite...what's yours?
Buy some. Find a picture of them and put it where you can see.

Think...what romances your own soul?

Maybe it's not an expensive fur or a diamond ring. Maybe it's a long run in the brisk air. Maybe it's a dinner with friends. Maybe it's allowing yourself an afternoon nap.

For me it's collecting beautiful books. It's giving myself time in the afternoon to relax in my room alone. It's going to visit my mom. It's a bubble bath. It's buying myself a pretty, meaningful necklace. It's getting flowers at the grocery store "just because." It's a pedicure. It's blogging. It's dreaming...

Find something small to put a little romance in your life today.