Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Have I Done?

I was just driving. Innocently enough. The afternoon was pristine, unassuming, ordinary.
The car turned into the lot of its own accord.

I wandered in. Like a person entranced.

Something came over me...

I picked her out because she was just too adorable with her wispy hair and old-fashioned markings. There's something just so old-fashioned about a kitty, don't you think?

"I'll take her." I said.

"You know, it's adopt one, get one free for our kittens this month." She said.

"You are evil." I said, with a smile. "I will take him too." Pointing to the first kitty's cage neighbor.

And that, was that.

I am the proud (and mystified) owner of two kitties.

But I must say, I am a bit weary of calling them "Little Girl" and "Little Boy," "Kitty" and "Baby." I need help with names. I want them to be perfect and a pair.

Do me a favor, vote on a pair of names for these sweet felines (who graciously allow Beck to fondle and chase them).

"Little Boy" is more friendly than "Little Girl."
He even plays with Beck!


Jamie Willow said...

oh my word girl! you are crazy! they are cute though :)

names names names...hmmm...I will have to think about this one...

Anthony and Cleopatra
Ken and Barbie
Lancelot and Guenivere
Bonaparte and Josephine
Rhett and Scarlett
BamBam and Pebbles

oh the list could get long...

sonny and cher


okay, those are my votes!

The Arnold Family said...

They are too cute! We would probably have a cat or two if I wasn't allergic!

Beth said...

I like Jamie's suggestions. Or, how about First and Second Corinthians??

Hmm, I'll try to think of some more creative options.

Beth said...

Ok - I just saw the kitty-naming poll, which is now closed. Oy vey! I must say that I implore you not to name your cats Rhett and Scarlett. Can you imagine calling all over the house for a cat named Rhett??? "Here Rhett! Here pretty Rhett!" I can't. LOL. Personally, I like Crimson and Clover. Let us know what you choose!