Monday, September 24, 2007

Out With The Old...

I'm finished reading this. I'm not so sure about how much I loved it. I actually enjoyed The Patron Saint of Liars (another of Patchett's novels) a lot more. But I won't delve into the details here. That's what my book club is for! We have our first meeting in a couple of weeks. *Big smiles!*

I have moved on to reading this:

Anita Shreve

And I have a feeling that I will be reading Emma by Jane Austen next. The online classics reading club (called Literary Chic) I've started looks like it's leaning toward Emma for our first selection.

Would you like to join us? You're welcome to!

Oh yes...and I am still sick. This is one of the worst sicknesses I've had in quite awhile. So painful! :(

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Beth said...

This is not the most original of comments, but still: Hope you get well soon!! Being sick is NO FUN! Perhaps Mr. B has been waiting on you hand and foot to ease the stress and aid the healing process? :)