Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh My Very Goodness!

I blame pictures like this one entirely for my recent kitty expedition!
Photo from the blog Chez Fifi.

Maybe if I were single with no children and no LIFE I would have a home like this fabulous one. It is gorgeous and all...white!

I love it. But not enough to give up my babies and my man. You cannot have a home that pristine with a family. It's just not happening.


fifi said...

Believe it or not but my friends Susie and Mark Holt have 6 kitties enjoying their all-white home. I myself have 3. You CAN have your cake.....or your kitties...
but you may have to do without the kids and man though....not such a bad idea....
By the way your kittens are just precious.

The Arnold Family said...

Yeah, we can't even keep our beige carpets beige!