Monday, September 17, 2007

Meet Rhett & Scarlett!

The kitty naming has come to an end and we have settled on
Rhett & Scarlett.

I just had to do it!

Gone With the Wind is my very favorite literary indulgence and these two kitties were just too perfect for the names.

Cleaning up. Such the Southern Gentleman!

Rhett is such a charming little man. He is a non-stop purr-er and if a lap is left vacant he feels that he has not fulfilled his duty and promptly jumps up to fill it. Purring all the way.

A little tuna snack for the pair.

Scarlett, true to her catty nature, is less sure of her love for her owners. She can usually be found hiding under a bed or couch but emerges in the night when the house quiets down and joins her brother...mate...Rhett in the lap of whomever tickles her fancy at the time.

Thanks for your votes! In the end I did exactly what I wanted without much regard to what others said. Much like Scarlett O'Hara herself. ;)
No wonder I love that girl so much!


The Arnold Family said...

I voted the Posy pair of names...I cannot remember what the other name was.

Would you believe I've never seen or read "Gone With the Wind?" What exactly is it about?

Beth said...

Okay okay... It's cute. :)