Monday, September 10, 2007

For Lack of Inspiration.

I don't have much for ya today, readers. (Readers? Hmm...maybe reader is more like it.)
Could my lack of blog-worthy thoughts be from going on three days of sick baby?
Could it be from caring for my pukey husband?
Could it be from working on less than adequate sleep due to said baby and husband?

Here are some random thoughts floating through this little head of mine at this moment:
Sister-in-Law is now cruising the Caribbean and I am here doing this.
Maybe I should sanitize the bathroom...again.
How many times can one set of sheets be bleached before they begin to fall apart?
Sister-in-Law is probably cracking open her brand-new novel and delving into it's deliciousness. In the sun. On her cruise. Through the Caribbean. And I am here.
Pepto Bismol is gross.
Saltine crackers are gross.
Throwing up = Gross.
Sister-in-Law is going to be dancing to a live band after she has an enormous and decadent meal tonight. I will still be here.
Who will be next to catch "the bug?" Me? Beck?
I'll bet my mansion in heaven is growing each time I clean up someone else's bodily fluids.
Sister-in-Law will have a tropical breeze blowing through her sun-kissed hair. Me? Here.

For now, this picture makes me dangerously happy. So I will post it for you.

Cheers to the Sister-in-Law! You so deserve this break!

*Note about the picture: I think it is an album cover of some obscure band, but I have no clue who or what kind of music it is. I just found it on the Internet.


The Arnold Family said...

That guy needs to learn how to dress for a cruise. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog. Thought you shoudl know you have *readers* lol.

Jamie Willow said...

hey love! I wish you could have been gettin all tan with me! I loved this blog...I may steal some of it's content when I finally blog about my cruise :)
I'll call ya soon and tell you about it and other things in person soon! hope everyone is well now!