Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Weekend to Remember

We are back safe, sound and sleepy from our trip. "Whirlwind" is absolutely the best way to describe it. The most pleasant of whirlwinds, that is.

Our drive was as terrible as I expected it to be but uneventful. We arrived in Minneapolis at 6 am after a 9 hour haul. We were so relieved to get out of our tightly packed, slightly stinky car. (What do you expect when two children and old fast food wrappers are in attendance?)

There was not much time to recover - although Mr. B's sweet sister allowed us a few hours rest while she looked after the babies. After a trip to Wal-Mart to gather some essential toiletries - all of which I left at home...silly me - and a stop at McDonald's for their fabulously cheap and yummy iced coffee, we headed to the Alumni Soccer game.

The Alumni, aka. "the old guys," won. I don't think that's supposed to happen. I think "the young guys" are supposed to win in hopes of ensuring a great season for the team. Whoops, sorry to burst your bubble, boys. But it was lots of fun to watch Ira make one of the goals. Wait...did I say "watch?" I think I meant hear that he made one of the goals. I was informed - with much eye-rolling - of his success after the game. I was much too busy chatting with old friends and meeting their new babies to care about the game. Can you blame me?

Friday night, we buckled our poor, overtired children into the car and headed to Uptown to have dinner at Famous Dave's and listen to some live jazz with old friends. We kept our babies out much too late but they behaved beautifully. Minus the moment Evie spilled an entire glass of water on my pants. Sigh...

Saturday dawned a bit too early. But it was Beck's birthday! So, with puffy eyes from our previous late night, we rolled out of bed and commenced the day-long party.

I picked up my sister from her new college dorm in the city and we stopped at Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. This is just about the most sinful, most delicious combo and you must try it!

The Minnesota State Fair was our next stop. We enjoyed every bite of it...er...I mean, bit of it!

Sweet Martha's Cookies are too good to be true.
They come in a cone or a bucket!

My sister and I with some delicious, fried concoction.

One of my favorite places at the Fair is the Miracle of Birth Center. It's this huge, red barn packed full of mother's birthing their calves, piglets, ducklings, colts, and lambs. How fitting for sweet Beck on his birthday to visit all the farm animals on their birthday's!

The sweetest little newborn lamb.

I think we stumbled to our cars around 3 pm. We were too tired to even think about a party...but the show must go on, as they say.

We headed to Chuck E. Cheeses for a celebration around 6. It was a fantastic party, if I do say so myself. There were 6 kids and about 20 adults. We ate, sang, were tormented by our less-than capable "host," played, laughed, talked, opened presents and tumbled out the doors at 10 pm.

But our night was far from over. Mr. and Mrs. H. extended us an invite to their home and we gladly accepted. Their house was cozy and familiar and we are so grateful they had us over though they are doing repairs and are in the process of moving. We talked and caught up on 2 years of distance. It was so refreshing to be in the midst of true friends. Friends that accept you no matter what. Comfortable friends. Real friends. Come-over-even-though-my-house-is-a-mess friends!

We stayed until 3 am...we over-stayed our welcome and they didn't mind a bit!

Sunday was another early morning but we braved it and made it to church just on time. How nice it was to be in our old congregation and see friendly, loving faces.

A quick lunch with the Aunties and a quick visit to our old college campus left us with no time to spare and we whisked ourselves off to Wisconsin for a visit with Grandma.

I am getting tired all over again just recapping our trip! I will take a rest and finish with the tale of grandma's house later...

Here are some more snapshots of our whirlwind:


Beth said...

So cute! BEYOND cute! I can't get over Beck's mop of curly hair. Can't wait to read the next installment. And next time you're in town, I'd love to hook up with ya too and meet the babes. (This past weekend wouldn't have worked anyway - but next time put us on your list of whirlwind visits for sure.) Ciao for now!

The Arnold Family said...

Glad you guys had a good time, and glad you make it back without completely passing out while standing! Thanks for the pics.