Thursday, September 6, 2007

All Hail The Cupcake Queen!

The "un-fun" Funfetti Cupcakes.
She glides into the hall amidst fanfare and a great gasp from her adoring subjects. The sweet smell of cake batter wafts behind as she, ever so demurely, smiles. She moves through the crowd and they strain to catch a glimpse of the platter, held high above her head, of cupcakes!
There are white frosted cupcakes and blue frosted cupcakes, all with expertly placed pastel sprinkles adorning the edges. Her subjects can almost taste the rich, moist (un-fun-ness) of the Funfetti delicacies.
But there, amidst the pale beauties, is nestled one cupcake. Her pride, her joy, her crowning glory...
The Elmo cupcake.
I quite hope you enjoyed that. I sure did!
I have had a busy 24 hours. What with going from The Laundress to The Cupcake Queen and all. You wouldn't believe me if I told you I was the Snotty Nose Patrol in between the two, but I was. Really!
These are my first two failed attempts at the Elmo Cupcake. Not pretty, I know.
Me: Beck! Come see what Mommy made!
Beck: (runs into the kitchen) Elmo!
Me: (smiles with satisfaction)
Beck: (with a disgusted look as he stares at the cupcake) Ew! Icky!
Me: (deflated, returns to the drawing board to make yet another Elmo)
I guess the first impression of the Elmo's was good, but as he looked at them longer, there was something just a bit off.
Here's what I came up with on my third attempt:

Yes...yes. I am proud. So very proud of this cupcake.
I know you wish you could make an Elmo cupcake like this one! But you can't. Why? Because I am the Cupcake Queen and you, my friend, are not!
What's that you ask? May you bow down to me? Well, of course you can. I would never take away your opportunity to admire such a master at her craft.


Jamie Willow said...

and bow I do! the cupcake queen title shall remain yours for many years to come!!!

Rachel said...

Your blog always makes me smile!!

The Arnold Family said...

mmm those look yummy.