Monday, August 20, 2007

Things I Just Love...

  • Neat handwriting

  • Lists with bullet points

  • Photographs (of myself!)

  • Diamonds...large ones

  • The Barefoot Contessa

  • Home Decorating Magazines - Living, Home Companion, Victoria

  • Cute doggies that do not shed

  • Funny, beautiful friends

  • Blogs

  • My artsy sister

  • Curly haired toddlers

  • A brand new day planner

  • Autumn smells

  • Clean spaces

  • Novels

  • Coffee with loads of flavored creamer

  • Tropical vacations

  • Mr. B's abs (did I just say that?!)

  • Chicago style pizza

  • Shabby Chic when it's less shabby and more chic

  • Things to look forward to

  • Chicks who make funky music

  • Robins Egg Blue

  • Dessert

  • My red Bible

  • Naps

  • Camping Trips in the Fall

  • Friends who comment on my blog! If you're reading...leave me a quick comment and tell me what you love!


Heather Melzer said...

I love your list - I can agree with so many (especially the more chic than shabby, but still shabby chic, totally agree!)

Jamie Willow said...

I love that I get to see you really soon! and I love your list! a good list is something worth loving!

Alli said...

i love:
- my new tatoos
- new pictures of your babies
- indie music
- scarves
- pumpkin spice, soy lattes...with whipped cream and toffee nut sprinkles. heavenly...believe me!
- your new blog obsession with fun things and beautiful pictures...i look at it daily.

i love YOU.