Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Love Story.

A friend of mine threw out a blog challenge: Tell the story of how you and your mate met and fell in love. This is my response...

I met him while I was a freshman in college. I remember the first time I heard his voice. Sounds cliche, I know, but it's the truth. See, he's got this delicious, deep rumble that pretty much made me stop in my tracks. We were in the cafeteria line at school. I...was alone. He...was with a bunch of girls.

I don't think he even knew I existed until a mutual friend introduced us and encouraged me to be a little more obvious about the way I felt about him. I think her exact words were "Flirt with him!"

So, I did. Sorta. I ignored him. Completely and utterly.

I believe that boy should chase girl. He found out from a friend that I was a bit interested - which peaked his interest and I let his maleness take over. I backed way off. Let him enjoy the chase for a bit, if ya know what I mean.

We took a trip with a group of friends for spring break in 2002. We travelled to Clearwater Beach, FL. (Which is still my happy place to this day.) That was when we decided it was a done deal. We were in love.

A bit of my scrapbook.
A picture from our Florida trip.

Enjoying our first sunset together.

We dated in college from March '02 until November '02.

After one of his soccer games. So young...

On the Great Wall in Beijing, China. A few days before his proposal.
November 2002.

He proposed in China amidst falling red roses. It was so romantical. We were married at my grandparents farm on a perfect night in June of 2003 and the rest is history.


The Arnold Family said...

I love it! Thank you!

Lori B said...

I love romantic stories...thank you for sharing!!

Jamie Willow said...

I enjoy reading this every so is such a great love story...I am so happy you and Ira are in each others lives...