Friday, August 24, 2007

Swell Sweater

I cannot wait until...


There are many reasons. But this sweater is one of them. I bought it at this store. A grand place for mommies on a budget who love lavish things for their babies.
Isn't she just a doll baby? I've got visions of apple orchards, bonfires and babies in brightly striped sweaters dancing in my head...

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The Arnold Family said...

This post makes me so happy and so sad. I have the same feelings towards fall, and the same great expectations...but then the reality sets in that it will still be very hot down here in the fall months. I can't enjoy it the way I did up north. :(

I LOVE Once Upon A Child..thats where I bought all the kids clothes in Minnesota. But I dont think there are any in the vicinity down here...I should check to be sure.

Evie is a doll! (And to keep up the Mother Goose in me..) Bring on the fall!