Thursday, August 30, 2007

Goodbye For Now.

We have a weekend trip planned to this place:
Minneapolis, MN

We are driving through the night tonight - which I am dreading. But once we get there it will doubtless be an exciting frenzy of soccer games, late nights with old friends, greasy food at the State Fair, long talks with sisters, and a birthday party for a very handsome two-year-old! All in a matter of two and a half days!

Then we'll be heading to Wisconsin for Labor Day and another b-day celebration with family. This is what you get when your family lives scattered all over the universe...hundreds of b-day celebrations every year!

So, bon voyage to me and the family. I shall see you Tuesday with LOTS of stories and pictures to share.

Ooohhh...I just looked out the back door and saw two butterflies and three hummingbirds in flight. Now how's that for lovely?!

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The Arnold Family said...

Have fun in beautiful MN! Happy birthday Beck!