Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gettin' Scrappy

I was lucky enough to be invited on a scrapbooking excursion with a friend. We spent the afternoon at Archiver's. We cropped, glued, bradded and adhesived (not a word, I know).

Here's part of what I got done. A 2 page spread with pictures from our trip to the lake that I blogged about earlier in the month.

It turned out more simple than what I usually scrap, but I kinda like it that way. It felt like a clean, fresh day and I wanted the layout to reflect that. Plus, the pictures were so crisp and adorable that I couldn't muddle them up with stickers and quotes and all the other cute jumble I usually add to my pages.

I got another project done. But it is a top secret one that I cannot share until I give it to the recipient it was intended for. I reeeally like this secret project and it was what made the afternoon worth-while. I have pictures of it and ready to upload as soon as I am free to do so. Stay tuned!

I am semi-creative. I like the process of creating and I love the outcome. But I am no where near as talented as this lady...

Heather Bailey is the creator of Freshcut Fabrics. She does a fabulous job of making timeless yet up-to-date prints that are simply a feast for the eyes.

I would love to get a few of these fabrics and have my mother (since I am not a sewer) make Miss Evie an old-fashioned pillowcase dress or a colorful quilt.

Pillowcase Dress from

Now, I am off to chase my speed-crawler, Evie down the hall and through the house. Oh yes, and speaking of children...Beck has yet to pee in the potty for the second time. I'm beginning to think it was a total fluke! Such is life...

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The Arnold Family said...

Beautiful pages. I am like you, I fill mine up with stickers and what not. I aim one of these days to just leave it pain and simple. I need to get a new camera though...the pictures could be alot better.