Friday, August 17, 2007


A pleasant view of the ancient pier and pontoon at Lake Dalecarlia.

We are back from another of our little escapes to grandma-land. The kids saw three of their five grandma's this time! (I am including great-grammies in the count.) They will see the other two in a couple of weeks. It is a blessing to have even one loving grandma. But to have five?! That is purely exorbitant!

My grandma "Sunshine" and my mother.

My sister chugged in on the train last Saturday afternoon. Before we could come home from the Amtrak station we had to stop and fill ourselves with burgers from Blueberry Hill. Afterward, we made a quick detour to a tattoo parlor (a place good little girls like us don't frequent). Sis got a couple of tattoos she's been contemplating for quite some time and I got my nose pierced! (A little something I've been dreaming about since high school.) All the while, grasping each other's hands tightly and giggling nervously.

Can you spot the delicate little birdie in flight on Alli's neck?
So cute!

I have since removed my piercing. After having it in for only three full days! It was fun while it lasted.

Sunday night the kids, Alli and I headed north to my parents. We didn't arrive until late. So we hugged mom quickly in the dark, let her peep and quietly exclaim at our daring new additions, and kiss her grand babies before heading to bed.

The next morning we headed to grandma Sunshine's charming home for a visit and a dip in the lake. The cousins were there to greet us and took the babies off my hands so I could relax.

Cousin Brayden and Beck.
Me, completely grossed out by lake water.

I took my first wave-runner spin. I squealed and clutched Brennan around the middle the entire time. We made it around the lake a couple of times without mishap and saved our dip in the lake until we were almost safely to the pier. Apparently if you cut the engine and lean too far to one side, the wave-runner tips over. Who woulda thunk?

So, I had to brave the icky depths of the lake as I swam all of 40 detestable feet through the murkety murk to the safety of land. Gross.

Next day we made the journey to my other Gram and Gramps house. After lunch we were so graciously entertained by my 77 year old grandpa jumping up and down and dancing hilariously for the kids. He is a very, um...ahem...energetic old man. We love him dearly.

I also got to visit with my cousin who used to be my best playmate at family gatherings. It was good to see him and all of the updates he's done to his little fixer-upper house.

The rest of our days were spent lazily at my mom's. We talked over coffee. Laughed over old jokes. Planned for our future's.

My sister is my best friend.
She's going away to college in a week!

Two new and lovely things I experienced on my trip:

Zucchini Parmesan at a great Italian restaurant housed in an old church called Baci's. (They also have bruschetta that is to die for.)

Alli and I saw Becoming Jane. The movie about Jane Austen that stars the beautiful Anne Hathaway. A film you must go see with your very best girlfriend and a huuuuge tub of popcorn. Be ready for love and heartbreak. Sigh...

We journeyed homeward last night and got in late - once again. It is good to be home.

Me, relaxing in a stripey hammock.
Don't you wish you were there?


Jamie Willow said...

love this blog! you are way to funny...3 days?! I never would have done it at all though so you still get props from me! and I am so with you on the nasty lake water biz! yuck!

love ya, can't wait to eat greasy food on a stick at the fair! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

The Arnold Family said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time. I love trips like I cant wait until the next time I get one. Whenever that may be. Glad you had a good time.