Saturday, August 25, 2007


Bloom where you are planted.
My fourth grade teacher quoted that a lot. It's one of those sayings that just pops into my head unbidden but at the perfect time. It has started "popping" more and more lately.
While it is not a decidedly Christian quote, I think it's coming from God.
I have not been blooming. I have been glooming.
The past two years have been hard. Let's not pretend they haven't. I recently took a life stress evaluation - you know, those tests with the list of major stressors in your life in the past two years? Any score over 300 was supposed to put you at high risk for a major stress-related illness. My score was 672. Hmm...
I have to admit, I've been wallowing in self-pity and digging myself into this terrible hole of depression. (Sorry to get so nitty-gritty on my blog of all things "lovely.")
I'm done. I'm ready to bloom.
I may not adore where I am living. I may have less than the ideal amount of money. I may feel that life is a bit monotonous. I may...
But I will stop lingering on those things. I will invest in me. Throw a little fertilizer on the seed; if you will. (the un-stinky kind, please!) That's partly what this blog is about. Writing makes me feel better. It is a creative release. It helps me bloom.
This is what I look like. In bloom.

Friends help me bloom too. So, you may find me making like a butterfly and getting social.

Domesticity helps me bloom.

My children help me bloom.

Reading helps me bloom.

Ultimately though, God makes me bloom.

I'm planted here. I don't know for how long. Maybe a few more months, maybe a few more years, maybe all my life.

That doesn't matter...I am in bloom.

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The Arnold Family said...

Wow. I needed that! I am at the same place in my "gloom" (the area living, the money, the job, the many things). But I am also crossing over into bloom! I would'nt say I've yet crossed...but I am definetly past the point where I am saying, "gloom is no fun, lets figure a way out". Thanks for sharing!